TNT Sports Box Office AI Stats Premiere

The May 18th premiere of AI fight stats for Boxing on the UK market was a great success. TNT Sports compiled a video for us us to share!

May 18th, Jabbr and TNT Sports made (boxing) history by providing the first ever Computer Vision AI live-stats in combat sports! Stats were provided for the whole fight card, with the AI running directly on TNT Sports' own camera ISO feeds, 4 in total. Our AI, DeepStrike, logs every single punch within individual slow-motion video clips from all 4 camera angles, along with all the classification information, for maximum accuracy and accountability on the numbers!

For this first event, only the core metrics were used in the TV production. Over time we'll be working with TNT Sports and Moov to add more graphics to enable all the available metrics. We're super excited about this premiere, and looking forward to many more successful events moving forward, providing transparent, accurate, and fully accountable stats for the sport!

Check out the final Fury vs. Usyk stats on X, formerly Twitter .